MSRTC free Wi-Fi For Passengers

MSRTC Offers free Wi-Fi for passengers. Yes it is hundred percent correct information, we share with you. Now any passenger who travels in MSRTC buses they can get benefits of this free of cost services provided by Maharashtra State Transport Corporation.

It’s glad to inform you that MSRTC going to upgrade their services for passengers who travels with MSRTC buses. MSRTC try to improve such kind of services to entertain their passenger and make their journeys very special.

msrtc free wifi service

msrtc free wifi service

So, how to use this free Wi-Fi service? Don’t worry; it is very easy to use Wi-Fi service. We are going to guide you by providing step by step information on how to use this free service. Please follow these steps carefully and keep this information in your mind.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to setting option in your mobile and turn on your mobile Wi-Fi.
  2. When your Wi-Fi get on then it will show you list of available Wi-Fi networks. But you need to select “KIVI” from this list.
  3. After that you can access the or from your browser. So open your chrome or Firefox browser and type or

KIVI provides you to watch movies, serials and other your favorite programs.

But it having some limitations for browsing internet, we can access only particular websites which was allowed by MSRTC. Like can easily accesses but when we try for Facebook, WhatsApp etc. these types of sites not permissible as well as we are not permit to download any torrents. So Maharashtra Government provides their preferred sites and this are only permissible to access.

We have some photos of free Wi-Fi services provided by MSRTC, So don’t forget to share this information with your friend circle to use such kind of entertaining services by MSRTC.

msrtc free wifi service

msrtc free wifi service

msrtc free wifi service

msrtc free wifi service

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